Ramblin' Rogue Wee Heavy

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Ramblin' Rogue Wee Heavy-  Todd Ambrose

This recipe takes some time and patience, but it's worth it!
15Lbs Pale Malt
  1Lb lightly toasted pale malt
  4oz roasted barley
  1oz Fuggle Hops
Wlp028 Edinburgh or Wyeast 1728 Scottish yeast 1/2gal starter
Mash with 4 gallons of water.  Mash temperature should be 155-158f, preferably at 158.  Mash for 90min. Sparge to a total wort volume of 8 gallons, but run the first 1.5 gallons of wort into a smaller kettle, and boil down to 1/2 gallon -1quart while the reminder of wort runs off into the main kettle. This will give the beer a rich, caramelized flavor that is characteristic of the style.  Add the hops to the kettle during the runoff.  Boil wort for 90min, adding the caramelized wort to the main boil. You might have to boil longer to achieve the final kettle volume of 5.5 gallons.  Chill wort, pitch yeast and ferment at 60-65deg. When primary fermentation is finished, siphon into secondary and let condition for two months at 50deg if you can. I throw in a 1/2oz of oak chips that have been soaked in single malt whiskey at this stage. After the two months is up, keg or bottle. If you bottle, it might take a month for the beer to carbonate. This ale ages very well.  I recommend doing two batches, one to drink soon, and one to cellar and age for a year or more!  Slainte!